With funding from the HMS Tools and Technology Committee, the Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center (HNDC) and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) we have a dedicated bioinformatics training program for:

  • HMS researchers with a primary affiliation in one of the Basic and Social Science Departments on the Quad

  • researchers with an affiliation with the HNDC

  • HSCI researchers

In addition, we also teach short courses for Harvard Catalyst.

Upcoming workshops/courses:

For HSCI, HNDC and on-quad HMS researchers

  • May 31st - June 29th, 2017: In-depth NGS data analysis course

    This 10-day in-depth course will instruct participants on the theoretical and practical concepts related to Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis, enabling them to perform these analyses independently. This class includes an additional 2 day session in early August; the topics for this session will inclue Variant Calling and Git/Github.

    ** Pre-registration is now CLOSED **

    ** More information about this course at **

For HNDC researchers only

  • April 20th, 2017: Introduction to R

    This 1-day hands-on workshop will introduce participants to using R and RStudio. After this workshop participants can expect to be comfortable with the basics of data manipulation using R.

    ** Registration is now closed for this workshop **

Harvard Catalyst Workshops

If you are not affiliated with any of the above groups, you can check this page for current listings of workshops we teach for Harvard Catalyst.

Training program description:

We provide bioinformatics training through both shorter workshops and in-depth courses. [Click here for a list of upcoming workshops/courses, or scroll down.]

1. Workshops

  • Next Generation Sequencing Introduction Series

    (Galaxy-based) workshops on RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq to introduce basic concepts of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) analysis. The goal of these workshops are to enable researchers to design their studies appropriately and perform preliminary data analyses.

  • Basic Bioinformatics Skills Series

    Topics include R, data visualization using R, Python programming, Unix and high-performance computing (duration varies from half a day to three days).

2. In-Depth Next Generation Sequencing Analysis Courses

These intensive courses run for 10-12 days and are aimed at bench biologists interested in learning how to perform independent, best practice NGS-based analyses. Topics include:

  • Unix & High-Performance Computing (Orchestra)
  • NGS data analysis (RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, Variant calling)
  • Statistical analysis using R
  • Functional analysis

No prior NGS or command line expertise is required for our workshops or courses unless explicitly stated.

Past Workshops:


  • [TnT/HNDC/HSCI] April 3rd & 4th: Introduction to R
  • [HSCI] March 6th & 7th: Introduction to UNIX and Orchestra with HMS-RC
  • [HSCI/TnT/HNDC] February 15th: Introduction to Differential Gene Expression (DGE) analysis for RNA-Seq
  • [TnT/HNDC] February 10th & 13th: Introduction to R
  • [HSCI] January 24th & 25th: Introduction to R


  • [HSCI/TnT/HNDC] October 31st - December 2nd: In-depth NGS data analysis course (RNA-Seq)
  • [HSCI/TnT/HNDC] October 20th: Introduction to Differential Gene Expression (DGE) analysis for RNA-Seq
  • [TnT/HNDC] September 29th & 30th: Introduction to R
  • [HSCI] September 8th & 9th: Introduction to R
  • [HSCI] August 22nd & 23rd: Introduction to UNIX and Orchestra with HMS-RC
  • [HSCI/TnT/HNDC] June 22nd - August 12th: In-depth NGS data analysis course
  • [HSCI] May 23rd & 24th: Introduction to UNIX and Orchestra with HMS-RC
  • [TnT/HNDC] May 12th & 12th: Introduction to UNIX and Orchestra with HMS-RC
  • [HSCI/TnT/HNDC] February 8th - March 8th: In-depth NGS data analysis course


  • [HSCI] December 11th: Introduction to R
  • [HSCI] November 13th: *RNA-Seq with Galaxy**
  • [TnT/HNDC] November 23rd: RNA-Seq with Galaxy
  • [TnT/HNDC] October 8th & 9th: Introduction to UNIX and Orchestra with HMS-RC
  • [TnT/HNDC] October 2nd: RNA-Seq with Galaxy
  • [TnT/HNDC] September 21st: RNA-Seq with Galaxy
  • [TnT/HNDC] September 11th: ChIP-Seq with Galaxy
  • [TnT/HNDC] August 14th: RNA-Seq with Galaxy
  • [TnT/HNDC] July 22nd: A Hands-on Introduction to Python (in collaboration with IQSS)
  • [TnT/HNDC] July 17th: RNA-Seq with Galaxy
  • [TnT/HNDC] June 26th: Introduction to R and R graphics with ggplot2 (in collaboration with IQSS)


For any training-related questions, please email us at